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Virgin Carnica Queen


Virgin Carnica Queen

no older than 3 day when posted out to you.
Reared In Scotland

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Virgin Carnica Queen no older than 3 day when posted out to you.
Reared In Scotland.


Grafted from breeder Queens that have over wintered 1 to 2 years.
That have produced Queens that we use in our own hives.
These are Virgin Queen that will need to be introduced the same as a mated Queen and then go out on a mating flight to become a productive Queen.
All our breeder stock have shown high levels of VSH traits and is something we continue to develop using Instrumental Insemination and the introduction of a wide gene pool.

Virgin Carnica Queen

We dont not mark our Virgin Carnica Queens as this could draw unwanted attention to the queen on her mating flight.
Introduce the queen in her travel cage as you would with a mated queen.

As soon as weather conditions are favourable she should go on her mating flight. Hopefully if conditions are right she should mate with multiple drones within your area.

What we do to improve the mating of  queens is flood the area with good quality drones.

That have been well looked after and the drone production hives. They have been fed extra pollen and syrup to allow them to develop to their best. But in 99% of areas in the UK the drone population should be of high enough density to get you virgin carnica queen well mated.

Successful introduction and or mating is not guaranteed as with any Queen.
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