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Six Frame Nuc Of British Bees 2018 No Deposit


Will be ready for collection Spring 2018

6 frames of British Bees with Mated Queen in a Polystyrene Nuc Box

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£250 To Pay On Collection
Buckfast or carnica British Bees
Pre Order for 2018 Ready From Late May Onwards

These Nucs will be very well established and ready to go.
Collection will be June 2018

?0 Deposit To Pay
Payment On Collection

These Nuc will be bursting at the seams100% British Bees & High Quality Queens
What You Get  Paynes Poly 6 Frame Nuc with built in feeder
5 Frames Of Brood At All Stages
1 Frame Of Stores
2017 or 2018 Mated Queen

6 Frames British Standard Frames With Laying Queen
Honey stores & Pollen

On average each nuc contains around 10,000 + of Bees and a single queen marked
Supplied in a reuseable Paynes 6 frame Polystyrene nuc with built in feeder


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Buckfast, Carnica


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