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Queen Rearing Masterclass 2018


This is the advanced Queen Rearing Course for those who already have experience rearing Queens or have already done our beginners Queen Rearing Course

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Fully Booked for 2018
This course is designed for the intermediate Queen producer.
who is already producing queens or knows the basics and needs help
producing better quality Queens.
In this one day course we cover

  • Grafting trouble shooting
  • Nutrition for better Queen Cells
  • Better cell starters
  • Better results for Queen Mating 
  • Incubators
  • Queen Banking
  • Better Drones
  • Drone Production
  • Large scale Queen production
  • Trouble Shooting Queen Production
  • Individual Trouble Shooting
  • Sustainable Mating Nucs 
  • Sustainable Cell Starters 
  • Introduction and overview of advance methods.   

This course is a perfect follow up to our beginners queen rearing course or your own.


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